Suspend Your Disbelief is my “give back” to the next generation.

The book I wish I had on my bookshelf through my journey.

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"Absolutely phenomenal. It gave me nostalgia reading and reflecting on similar wisdom passed down by my parents and grandparents. It also gave me contemporary gems that I plan on directly applying in my current life for where I'm headed."

R. Bouldin

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The Book I wish I had...

This is the book for your daughters, sons, nieces, nephews. The neighbor kid who cuts your grass and does odd jobs for you, the babysitter that
makes your kids light right up when they see them. The barista who always remembers your order, the student who is working their way through 2-year
college and building the plan that their high school couldn’t give them.
The released offender who has a whole new perspective and will do anything to avoid going back.

Or Anyone who may want a little more hope, direction, and guidance along the way.

Ideal for:

 - Parents don’t who have time to talk to kids
-  Kids are seeing the previous generation

   get hammered.

-  Uncertainty (Covid-19)
-  Schools are fractured and scary
-  More choice, but also more limits
-  Teens Just want to be seen

-  Young Adults who want guidance

-  Want more but don't know where to get it

Suspend your disbelief_COVER PRINT READY

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I'm a paragraph. Click here to add your own text and edit me. It's easy.

Buy 3 book and get:

  • Signed Copies

  • A Special Message from Aaron

  • An Advance PDF Copy

Buy 3 book and get:

  • Signed Copies

  • A Special Message from Aaron

  • An Advance PDF Copy

Buy 3 books and get:

  • Signed Copies

  • A Special Message from Aaron

  • An Advance PDF Copy


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  • A Special Video Message from Aaron

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A Message From Aaron


Lessons From The Book




Your Skills

Turn Failure

into Success

Perform at your full potential


Big Mistakes

Feature Your

Best Talents

Deal with Change



Each chapter of this book is a personal account of some life lessons to offer a little guidance, perspective, and hope to young people as they traverse this new World. I weave in stories from obstacles, impediments, and stumbling blocks in my life, then offer practical and pragmatic ways so you, too, can break through these challenges to "Suspend Your Disbelief." 

This is my giveback to thank the family, mentors, teachers, and supporters throughout my life, then and now, and to give a little extra hope and inspiration to the next generation.



Aaron Montgomery is an innovative leader and entrepreneur with nearly 20 years experience in strategy, operations, sales, and human resources.

Aaron is the Co-Founder of CarLotz, a high growth start-up that is disrupting the used vehicle sales market through its innovative consignment store model and customer-focused culture. Aaron is also an adjunct professor at Virginia Commonwealth University and a speaker on simplifying complexity, lean start-up, innovation, and entrepreneurship.

Prior to founding CarLotz, Aaron worked primarily in the automotive (Gallery Automotive Group, McKinsey Automotive Practice), warehouse automation (Amazon Robotics / Kiva Systems) and wholesale distribution (McMaster-Carr) industries in general management roles.

Aaron holds an MBA from Harvard Business School and an A.B. in Economics from Harvard University. He was a finalist in Ernst and Young’s Entrepreneur of the Year in 2015. He’s a Board Member for The United Way of Greater Richmond

Aaron did not write this book for the accolades he received, but for the opportunities, lessons, and many blessings he learned and earned along the way. This is Aaron's give back for the next generation to offer some guidance on their opportunities to further their neighborhood and communities.

Aaron continues to spread the message of what it means to him to maximize your potential as an entrepreneur, leader, father, and husband. In his spare time, Aaron enjoys CrossFit, flying planes, and spending time with his wife and daughter.


"Suspend your Disbelief, by Aaron Montgomery, is a  stinking thinking buster!


It was equivalent to having a come to Jesus moment with a wise grandparent. This short read was full of actionable recommendations in the form of life hacks that induce productivity, gratitude, and noteworthy reflection.


The bite size stories with golden nuggets gently placed before the end of every chapter provided many immediate takeaways.  I found my initial read interrupted by a clear need to share with my 14 year old daughter.  The funny thing is my “let me read this to you” would be immediately met with two rolling eyes.  Well, after reading the stories I could see a smile, focused eyes, and those gerbils running around her fertile mind. "

-L. Allen

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"I love how each chapter is short, sweet, to the point, but also very personable


So simple, but great reminders


Such unique experiences and the lessons learned are really important for both our professional and personal lives


I really enjoyed reading it. [Aaron] portrays confidence and humility, seriousness and humor, and shares lessons that are valuable in your personal and professional life"

-T. Ulrich

"These stories were exactly what I needed and they came in a way that was easy to digest and understand."

-D. Garcia

"Aaron's gift of 'simplification' is on full display here."

-S. McFadden

"I love the stories. They are engaging and authentic. They allow for a bite-sized read and are enjoyable during a longer reading session. Your messages are relatable, your writing is strong. 

These lessons are perfect for the time that children/young adults are coming into their own and told in a way that doesn't feel preachy. This book is nothing like a "Chicken Soup for the Teenage Soul" — one that parents would buy and children would cringe at. It's real and fun and even funny at times. I love the little comics. They add a playful nature that keeps the morals feeling light and approachable.

So many kids need to see that. And you've delivered the message in a way they can hear.

Your message is less heavy...but I think it is actually even broader in its relevance.

Bottom line: I think this book should live in the world. I see so much value in it."

-R. Chandler-Dovis

"Your sense of humor (can see the smile as I read) and true insight come through loud and clear. There is wisdom in the pages, and lessons for all.

 ...Authentic voice, and perspective are sadly missing at times.  This could be a wonderful way to see these “wisdoms” brought to an audience of young people. "

-P. Moss

"Parents, aunts, uncles etc. all seem so busy these days....they don't sit teens down and have meaty conversations with them, and go into detail the way you did in this book. Thank you." 


-D. Montgomery

"OK – so I loved it - I can't wait for the book signing tour!    It was so cool to have so many of your stories (& some new ones) in one place, and they are all so digestible.  I hope people will read it and then carry the lessons into their interactions with the world."

-L. Sanders